Patagonia Shoot Tordrillos Alaska // 5/15/2014

I spent most of April in the Tordrillos in Alaska shooting video for a Patagonia project. I joined Jay Beyer (photographer) and athletes Caroline Gleich and Liz Daley, it was a super fun crew to work with. The Tordrillos are located about 75 miles West / Northwest of Anchorage. This was my 10th season spent in Alaska. I was excited to check out the Tordrillos as this was a zone I hadn’t been to previously. We flew with Silvertip Aviation┬ábased out of Palmer – top notch services. This was a super fun project to work on shooting all video while top drawer photographer Jay Beyer took care of all the stills. Jay has been into the Tordrillos many times before hand and has intimate knowledge of that zone. Liz and Caroline hadn’t yet been to Alaska and their stoke to be in AK was obvious. Here are a few screen grabs from the videos. I’ll be editing this project this summer and the short will be coming out this fall.









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