Soundscapes // 7/14/2014

I’ve embarked on a personal project recently. A few months ago I listened to a TED talks. The talk was about one mans experience recording environmental sounds. A forest was being logged sometime in the early 80’s I believe. He decided to record the natural sounds of this forest before it was scheduled to be logged. After the logging event he returned to the same spot and did several more recording in the forrest. The comparison of the before and after was obvious.

I got to thinking how it might be interesting to combine time lapses and audio recordings simultaneously.  I will combine landscapes and urban + landscapes, to visually document the size of urban areas. The unique thing about this project is it can be documented and a specific point marked. By using GPS coordinates the spot of the time laps and the audio recording can then be duplicated by other people years in the future. The changes that occur in a certain location can be compared years in the future both visually and audibly.

Like any good personal project this is a work in progress. I also encourage the open source model. This is a project that many individuals can do themselves, if they find it interesting. The project would be much more interesting if thousands of people were involved versus only one.

The first series of soundscapes will be ready later this fall.

When we really stop and listen, while embedded in nature, its pretty surreal what we hear.




45.4374°N 111.0633°W



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