The Send // 11/22/2014


I recently spent some time looking back over a years worth of work for a slideshow. I’ve seen the most progression of my work up to date this past year. I believe the reason my craft has improved is because I chose to study my subjects with intent. Three constant themes that I identified in my subjects were: Vision, Passion, and Effort. It takes time to progress our craft + a baseline threshold of talent. Being humble and open to learning throughout the entire process has allowed me to take advantage of opportunities that arise.

The individuals that I get to shoot with are so incredibly talented because of their vision, passion and effort that they put into their craft. My goal as a photographer is to document what makes people passionate. I truly believe that passionate, creative people help make the world a better place. If my work encourages just one person to pursue what makes them passionate, I view that as success.
November 22 was a cold and stormy day in Hyalite Canyon. Conrad Anker and Kris Erickson had a vision that began a couple years ago. It was a project that was about something bigger than them. A new route that paid tribute to their friend Alex Lowe. The passion both Kris and Conrad had is what kept the motivation high throughout this project. Kris moved to Morocco last year. Conrad visited the third pitch every month since July figuring out the pieces to the puzzle. Kris was back in town and it was fitting for them both to be tied into the ends of the rope together. Freeing the third and final pitch which had yet to be freed, while establishing the Nutcracker.
A lesson, for me, of the vision, motivation and effort it takes to progress my craft. It will not be easy or happen quickly. It is about who I choose to surround myself with that motivates me, pushing me to be better.

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